For the happiness of our four-legged friends-NASEM

Nasem is a company founded by a group of people who love and live for our companion animals-our one and only philosophy lies in how we can love them better. We always strive to better our service and further our knowledge to do so.

Our head office is located in the Main Building of Seoul National University. Our factory, run directly by our company, is located in Yongin, Gyunggido, and is well-known for its technical skills and high maintenance.

As suppliers of premium-quality dog food made with top-notch produce even among human-grade ingredients, we proudly boast the healthiest, and at the same time, delicious food that any of our four-legged friends have ever tasted.

Our product line consists mainly of BESO and Plonii. BESO is our premium line, made of the highest quality meats (antibiotic-free chicken, sulfur-fed duck, and Korean domestic beef) and organic vegetables and fruits. Plonii is our 2nd line of natural dog food, made of all domestically-grown meats, vegetables and fruits. All of these natural foods are packed into a collagen casing, and born again as tasty, easy-to-serve meals in the shape of sausages.

All products at Nasem are made under strict standards-no chemical preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, by-products, or GMO ingredients.